“pleasure and astonishment”
—Michael McClure

“resonances of Rabelais, Voltaire, and Mickey Spillane”
—Rochelle Owens

“exuberant and richly varied”
—Harry Mathews

“wonderfully irrepressible prose”
—Rachel Blau DuPlessis

A Mystery's No Problem by Lou Rowan

2016 Book Release!

from Equus Press


"In a serio-comic riposte to Gabriel Marcel’s wisdom that “…mystery is something in which I am myself involved…where the distinction between what is in me and what is before me loses its meaning…” Lou Rowan gifts us with a novel of the self, knowing itself better and better as it enlarges the mystery of imagined life. Rowan’s prose is an introspective roller coaster, that dips and careens around the facts and follies of contemporary American social and political realities, all for the excitement of the mind that must find its meaning where it fears the truth most. Funny, satirical, perverse, always on the move, emotionally and intellectually, A Mystery’s No Problem, is a novel that solves the question of what it means to be alive now."
—Alan Singer

Love's by Lou Rowan

2016 Book Release!

from Oystercatcher Press


—Allen Ginsberg

“I can speak with confidence about Rowan’s ability as a teacher, just as I can about his ability as a poet.”
—George Oppen

[Read a review by Ian Brinton]

Alphabet of Love Serial by Lou Rowan

“Just finished your Alphabet of Love Serial yesterday. I’ve never read anything quite like it, don’t think anyone writes like this, the weave of the stories, the really haunting sense of connection between them, the way the imagined emerges into autobiography: all this is to my mind unique. But of course, and most significant, these sentences. They seem brand new, often wonderfully coming forth in their syntax and development, and quite often beautiful, as if you are writing in a new language. This is one hell of a book!”
—Toby Olson

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by David Antin, Ian Brinton, George Economou, Ken Edwards, Jesse Glass, Patrizia Hayashi, Richard L. Lewis, Harry Mathews, Joseph McElroy, Rochelle Owens, Maurice Scully, James Tierney, and Peter Vernon.


My Last Days, novel.

Hear Lou read excerpt: Supe's Outfit [mp3]

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Sweet Potatoes, stories.

Hear Lou interviewed,
reading a story

[read print excerpt, "Jack's Ladder"]

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