Author Lou Rowan
Photo by Andrea Augé

Lou Rowan gave the most tremendous reading I've heard in any language, an actual performance that gave flesh to the words, opening out new perspectives in an already highly-suggestive story. The necessity of each word, sound, and of the rhythm of it all forcefully came out through the music of reading. Of "what love can do to text."

—Anne-Laure Tissut, translator, Professor of American Literature, The Sorbonne


A Partial List of Lou's Readings and Lectures

Ball State University, The Beat Museum, Chapman College, Evergreen College, Friends Seminary New York, INCA Seattle, The Lamb London, Meikai University Japan, Moe's Books, Oberlin College, The Other Room Manchester, Park Slope Community Bookstore, Powells Books, The Prague Microfestival, Reality Street Live Hastings, Richard Hugo House, Spoonbill and Sugartown, St. Mark's Church in the Bowery, Temple University, Third Place Books Seattle, University Books Seattle, University of Bedfordshire, University of Essex, University of Paris 13, University of Paris Diderot, University of Paris Nanterre, University of Paris VII, Village Books Bellingham, Village Voice Bookshop Paris


Affable but barbed American Lou Rowan... was ready for any hiccups, after revealing that his trousers had fallen down at airport security. Reading in the gloom was no real problem for him and his wonderfully acerbic words from The Prelude and a short story called “L” were a great opening set. His barbed references to an early Bob Dylan advert for knickers (forget going electric in Manchester, this was Dylan’s real sell-out) were funny and seductively written and read.

—Judy Gordon, Write Out Loud

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